Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'll die for him


Hes the reason 
I keep staying strong,
Hes the one that's 
there for me when things go wrong.
Hes my shining star,
Hes the only guy
that has my heart.
Hes the one 
that takes my breath away,
I love him more 
each and everyday.
He means the world to me,
Hes the one I'm talking about 
when I say "We were meant to be",
When I walk with him,
its like hes the only one I can see.
Hes the reason 
for the smile on my face,
No one could ever 
take his place.
Hes the love of my life,
I know one day
I'm gonna be his wife.
Hes the one 
I'm always thinking of,
Hes the guy 
I'm hooked to like a drug,
Hes my only one.
Hes the reason I'm still living,
Without him I'm nothing.
Hes my world,my life,
My everything.


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